The Sentiment is Death

A child is dying, there is no reprise, god has confirmed the warrant.

A friend is a kind man, he’s been through the mill and it shows. Jack, we’ll call him Jack because he is real, and it seem’s best if he has a name. Jack lived in a box for many years. The judge signed the tariff in the same way god agreed the child’s warrant.

I do not know the child’s name.

Jack’s appearance hide’s his genius: His years in the box were shortened with books. He knows about science, words, literature, the human body, and drugs. One book a week, fifty-two weeks of the year for almost three decades. Ask him how the body works and he will talk about enzymes, DNA, and capillaries. Jack may not have a qualification, I’d bet a grand for a penny he really knows how the body works. Our good-fellow also knows the properties of drugs, both legal and illegal. At this moment I’m taking an antibiotic; Jack explained how it is working, I believe him when he says ‘It will fix your problem.’ Jack understands how chemicals effect the body.

Jack tell’s me about a recreational drug called ‘Spice’ – ‘If you smoke it, there is a possibility, a one in twenty chance it will kill you. It is a non-negotiable chemical death’ Jack describes how it produces a chemical block which stops the heart….dead. I decide the details and the chemical processes which arrest the blood pump are too complex to memorize.

A child is dying in the hospital.


  1. So very sad and arbitrary…makes you wonder. Thought -provoking as always and a great read 🙂 x

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