Rock Bottom

 Dig Yourself Out
Dig Yourself Out

Don’t you just know the facts of everything? There is no way out of reality or truth. So why fight the inevitable? It is easier to live without hassle than live with it. I told a woman today I wasn’t interested in her broken love affair. I considered the tsunami which is about to hit her home. Christmas time as well: kids crying as they listen to inevitable fights. Jilted lover is about to ruin her life, the text or email he’ll send to her husband, an executioners axe.

We know when the choice is wrong, there will be no running from treachery once discovered. When there is treason in the acts of the heart, the judge will hand down a catastrophic sentence.

The advise is clear: run from a relationship: run solo. Never escape with another inmate. Separation is hard enough. A third party takes compromise out of the deal and puts revenge on the negotiation table.

When we do not listen to what is being asked. If the relationship is one-sided. Whenever bickering is the rule, not the exception. Something is wrong. Self-destruction works this way, self-betrayal and self-abuse all have the same effect. When we do not listen to what our body desires ill health follows. Listen? Yes, the wheezing as the stars are climbed, shooting pain in the knees when descending. The truth says no more food, alcohol, cigarettes or dope: and the mind says ‘we will give it up tomorrow’. Tomorrow is next decade, and soon there is no point in changing because the lie is more comfortable than the change.

Most practices have a defined right or wrong. Experts are not as expert as they like to profess. I knew a businessman who pretended to be the epitome of honesty. He desired all people considered him someone to look up to: in fact, he was the most significant tax evader imaginable. Hard working men and women pay the pension he takes from the exchequer. You may be paying for his three bottles of Moet. Greedy, two face liar. He liked to take about business practice and ways to make money. This woman is like him, and will soon use his methodology. However, she’ll not know the secrets I have discovered. The tax thief fooled no-one. Once I was away from his circle, his so-called friends revealed their true feelings. Draw your own conclusions or work out the inevitable consequences.

The woman is desperate for words of solace. There is nothing for me to give: I’m not becoming involved in this situation. Her friends will load her armoury with excuses. ‘You’re not to blame. No one should put up with that type of abuse’. They will keep her and support her while the crisis is laden with seeds of gossip. The betray continues: personal secrets and all faults are laid bare, no laid bare is too kind: the corpse of the betrayed as students of malice surround the dissection table. He will be carved alive for his sin of ignorance and apathy. Betrayer will transform into a pathological liar and dismember the victim organ by organ. Spirit and soul will become dowsed in waters of tears, and life then has little meaning. As time passes, the victim will become bitter and turns into the pitiful being.

He will look back and see the oppressors prosper and the bitterness will stifle and choke his life journey. Unable to function he slips into oblivion. One morning he wakes to the reality he has nothing. And here is the crossroads, because it is at this marker he sees his position on the map of existence. No mans land a desolation. He may choose to fall and die or stand and live. The choice must be made immediately. The conscious mind must not say ‘tomorrow’: Remember tomorrow becomes, next month, next year, next decade, some time later the victim dies without trace.

When a man or woman is drowning in the quagmire of destitution. It is worth considering the method of death. As the body is drawn into the wet sand and earth, the suffocation is the wet sand and earth. The victim murdered by the medium which draws it into its depths. The sodden earth and sand execute a terrible death. The victim is not in water where the end is fast and during the last moments sublime. There is no need to expand the imagination is suffice. Sordid memory suffocates the mind with the same effect as the mire: becoming drawn into depths of despair.

At this time of choice, the victim drowns or rises to the surface. The sufferer must realise the moment cannot be missed, it must be encouraged and reckoned with, no other way is accepted. The few who rise to the surface discover rescuers surround them. New friends, work opportunities, the option to move away.

I look at the woman in front of me and realise all of the anguish is ahead. The children of the illicit moments of escape will be pain, tears and anguish. Escape to prison is the truth, the reality. There is no sadness or pity it is not my situation or problem. If I were to comment I’d become an onlooker surrounding the dissection table.

There is one last truth. The lover will become despised, hated for the seduction. Remember all betrayals have the same outcome. Betray body, the mind pays the tariff. Poison the mind, the body suffers dis ease. Long term the prognosis is not great. Until the moment of capitulation, there is the cold rock bottom.

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