A Day at the Market

A Day at the Market – Five Friends

Life has taken me on a twisted journey which was my choice to endure. It is evidence of my early foolishness that I could not see the truth of my situations. And when we cannot realise the potential of reality we deceive ourselves and others and turn into an illusion.

Pilot at 80

I’ve encountered a few thorny people and problems on the path. A decade ago I imagined machete named determination to cut the way through to today. What were the brambles? In truth, the choice of people who accompanied me was none too wise. Still, they are gone and will not return, life has many blessings.

I love the idea of change, flux, new ideas, new friends. As the years accumulate I realise independence and freedom are worth more than money. On reflection, the cynic within my being believes people imprisoned under challenging relationships are mutual gaolers. I threw the key to this trapdoor to unhappiness away a decade ago; it is now locked tight. Once one becomes free, the reality is seen. Ans another choice is to be made: is there an about turn and a path is cut to review the past? Or is the best way forward to forge ahead into the future?

Buster Fisher – Artist

Consider the sentiment of the last paragraph with care: it guides the reader to consider separations and broken friendships are to be celebrated. Why think we have lost something in the bitter separation? Why not believe there is everything to gain, nothing is lost? You cannot go wrong in new beginnings.

It seems to me: anyone who overcomes difficult situations gains more than solving the problem. They grow in strength and stature. Strength is power. Stature is reputation. Within the new beginnings, we discover how to interact with new people with integrity and truth. Journeying to the new horizon takes an immense dedication of purpose. This means we consider who we are and how we wish to live. Some would think commitment and determination are the answer. I doubt it: the more we investigate the who and how: the easier it becomes to discover how to transform life into sublime happiness.

Jon Sharp - Historian
Jon Sharp – Historian

The reader will look at the photographs of five friends. The five people visit the incense stall which provides a base for my writing. I’m sitting here tapping away between customers. My freelance writing, articles are written for a Daily News Article, short stories and ghost novels are written from here. Some people stay too long other not long enough. Some are interesting, others lost. Many have endured hardship, and some follow their path, others lost. It makes them interesting, and they teach about human endurance and courage.

One certainty is they impress by their character, not from their achievement. Accumulated wealth is nothing and those who believe it is everything know nothing. As my life hours become more precious, I realise if the wealthy were ignored or dismissed they would look for another way to impress. While money is god and scientist are considered the high priest, the illusion will continue. The pilgrims who tread the path to the temple of gold worship in the same way as many believers. Their faith is blind, and there is no respect for other religions.

Jennifer Always Smiling

The five friends have travelled differing paths. I would not describe or betray confidences. However, it is fair to comment there is an ‘Epic Novel’ if the lives of the five were to be combined. The reader can be sure that they enjoy their lives to best advantage. And this is why I like them; they teach me how life is a wonderful experience.

Consider the number of people the five have known during their life. Imagine how many others have affected their character and personality. Think about the possible days of sadness and happiness they have encountered. Then multiply this by the people who live in your city. There are millions of lifetimes, billions of stories and untold numbers of unique experiences.

The reader may wonder at the stories behind these unique humans. There would be one certainty if you lived the life of one of these people you would have lived ten lives. The lesson another could teach would remove fear from any man. The third could guide any fool into reality. Only three are mentioned to intrigue the reader to who fits the description.

I have a friend who writes spectacular essays. The words require deep consideration, while the reader enjoys skating on the surface of the essay, the explorer will crack the ice and realise the dark and icy reasons for the subjects of the essays. The stories reveal memories of inner torment and imbibe subtle lessons which guide to emotional freedom and release from anguish. Of course, this is why the articles have become very popular. It is suggested many readers do not realise the impact of the words.

Mystic Louis

Good friends are not dissimilar. They will talk about the how they became successful, not the ‘why’ they made a change. My preference is for people who talk about their ‘how to succeed’ not for those who speak about ‘why they suffered or endured’. How to’s are interesting and useful. Why’s are cruelty, pain, injustice caused by other people. How’s are how to overcome the cruelty, pain and injustice. Once the focus is on how to become free, the ‘why’ we need to be free is of secondary or no importance at all.

We meet people we do not like, it is suggested, those we dislike are like mirrors, we see ourselves in their mask. Is this accurate? From my viewpoint, if we feel uncomfortable with a stranger, walk away. From my experience, genuine dislike of a human arise’s through theft. There is only one sin it is theft. Lie, and we steal truth. Kill, and we steal life. Betray, and we steal trust. Adverse actions are like spoken words once made; they can never be changed.

My five friends all talk about how. They are teachers who may not always reveal their ‘how’s’ direct, often their ‘hows’ are revealed in the whole of a conversation. As they reveal their personal feeling and attitude toward the subject; their ethos is exposed. For two examples: Buster’s devotion to his family describes the how of a happy family. Jon’s devotion to his writing and historical research demonstrates the how of learning and intelligence.

My quintet of friends is diverse in attitude, history and background. They are great teachers of the how of human endeavour. Are they rich? I suspect two are comfortable and two will enjoy great wealth. One enjoys happiness where there should be none. Life is enriched by diversity and listening to the ‘how’s’ of people’s happiness.

See You Soon


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